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Mastering automation since 1995, Matissoft, a division of Matiss, specializes in software and controls for businesses in the agricultural industry.​

You’ve cultivated a company that is reaping the fruits of its efforts. You carefully select the ingredients you use every day to create the signature product for your success.​

Use work tools that are up to par with your standards,
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Once upon a time… a modest past, a visionary present, a promising future



Matiss was founded on June 5, 1995. Eager to focus on industrial automation, six employees decided to offer customized services to improve the performance of feed mills and the agri-food industry using

  • process control,
  • electrical engineering,
  • industrial programmable logic controllers (PLC) programming, and
  • outsourcing.


From renting a workspace, the organization built its own 22,000-square-foot manufacturing plant. The creation of the mechanical engineering department, in addition to a control panel division, begins following the merger with PANÔCONTRÔLE Inc. About 52 employees are in charge of carrying out Matiss’s mission in the milling, agri-food, and industrial sectors.



Joining forces with electrical contractor Gingras Électrique Inc., Matiss continues to develop its services. The first Matissonic ultrasonic cutting equipment is developed for the food industry.



Looking at its growing specialization in software and seeking to properly differentiate its services, Matiss creates its Matissoft product for the milling industry. Later on, the ultrasonic equipment is marketed throughout North America. At that time, nearly 70 employees are working for Matiss.



Matiss consolidates its position in the manufacturing sector and signs a major partnership with Canam Group. Its international business development extends to Dubai, Russia, Australia, England, the United States, and the rest of Canada.



Matiss focuses exclusively on industrial automation, withdraws the participation of partners such as Gingras Électrique, and sells the control panel division.



Gaining in importance, the Matissoft product becomes a division of its own and focuses its software activities in the agricultural sector. How did Matissoft do that? By developing a growth strategy based on acquisitions, Proxytech as well as the agri-food divisions of Marcotte and ICC, in addition to exclusive partnerships:

  • Adifo (Belgium),
  • Vision R4 (Quebec), and
  • Engie (Holland).


The MatissEquipment division was created to bring together the equipment services. In line with the acquisition and partnership strategy, this division acquires Robotik, a company specializing in the implementation of robots. In addition, Matissoft signs an exclusive partnership with Evonik regarding their breeding software: Porphyrio. As of today, Matiss employs nearly 100 employees and works with more than 125 collaborators.


Bobby St-Pierre, Virginie Martel, and Jacques Martel
From left to right: Bobby St-Pierre, Virginie Martel and Jacques Martel.

With over 28 years of experience and expertise in its field, Matiss is definitely ready for the future. The innovative company can rely on its seasoned management team and the newer generation to lead it into the next steps of its evolution. Indeed, since 2023, Jacques Martel, president of Matiss, is supported by a new generation of owners. The new associates, Virginie Martel, until then at the helm of human resources for the Matissoft division, and Bobby St-Pierre, who had been the financial director of Matiss since 2018, are looking to the future, and ensuring quite a promising future. With Mrs. Martel now at the head of human resources for the entire company, and her colleague Mr. St-Pierre as general manager of Matissoft, the future of Matiss is now firmly mapped out with the objective of conquering the world of automation.

Matiss offers you a wide range of services.

The equipment and software divisions have become two important areas of expertise dedicated to the industrial automation of Matiss’s customers. With its software suite, Matissoft optimizes agricultural customers’ yields and simplifies the management of their business, while MatissEquipment designs and manufactures automated equipment for the industrial sector to boost their performance.

How does Matiss define itself?

Knowing our mission

To make you more competitive in the fabrication of your products



Creating without limits

Out passionate team’s priority is to design a custom solution that will make you thrive. To our eyes, you vision is worth being considered, reflected upon and developed. We encourage you to imagine all kinds of ideas.


Having the drive to innovate

Throughout each project, Matiss experts put in all the effort, energy, and determination necessary to carry out your mandates. The dynamism of our dedicated team will keep you motivated and stimulated throughout the process. A major project requires a lot of energy, in addition to time, so we make sure to keep your focus and enthusiasm alive at all times.


Working with others

You will never have worked with team as close-knit as Matiss’. Our motto is “always more efficient together”. This is why you will note a remarkable difference in the projects’ successes. At Matiss, we believe that your implication will improve every step of the process.


Fostering fulfillment

At Matiss, we understand that a happy employee is worth two. Accordingly, Matiss offers its valuable team members innovative projects, plenty of challenges and opportunities to innovate and create, as well as competitive salaries and benefits, all in a work environment in which one can thrive. This allows everyone to give their best at all times!


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