Agricultural ERP


Our integrated management software package Matissoft ERP differs from other ERPs on the market. Finance, business management, maintenance, and data warehousing, integrated with the specialized modules of your market sector, will simplify your work while increasing your performance.

Here are Matissoft ERP’s basic modules

The Matissoft team optimizes your markets and ERP by looking for the best software to integrate. This involves working as a team to create a set of related software (a complete solution) that we offer you. To simplify your process, Matissoft allows you to manage multiple companies, divisions, departments, warehouses, currencies, users, units of measure, or languages. Moreover, you will create and edit your reports using dynamic, customized, and integrated pivot tables. Not only will you get it all there with your key performance indicators (KPIs), but also, you can import and export data in many formats (Excel, PDF, XML). It is an electronic data interchange. In the end, you will get unparalleled versatility with the following features:

Finance Finance
  • Ledger, payables, and receivables
  • REAL consolidated financial statements
  • Multiple and comparative budgets
  • Ability to purchase fixed assets on disposal (automated depreciation methods)
  • Automated bank reconciliation (electronic payment)
  • Intercompany/interdivisional transactions
  • Possibility of temporary and recurring month-end entries
  • Payroll management
Business Management Business Management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Sales: price lists, quotes, orders, deliveries, invoices, points of sale, and cash drawers
  • Purchases: requisitions, orders, receptions, invoices, product expiration tracking, merchandise returns, etc.
  • Inventory: catalogue of products, articles, ingredients, locations, quantities, kanban, etc.
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)
Maintenance Maintenance
  • Predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance
  • Equipment inspection and planning
  • Implementation of HACCP and GMP procedures
  • Fleet of vehicles, buildings, computer equipment, etc.
  • Manual, virtual, or automatic counters (talking to equipment)
Data Warehouse Data Warehouse

Coming in 2023

  • Access to decision-making information on computers, cell phones, or tablets
  • Cross-referencing and data mining between modules
  • Systemic traceability (comparative data)
  • Self-learning algorithm
  • Dashboard and customized notification
  • Performance indicator
  • Evolutionary report (client and use)
  • Security and confidentiality of data

Here are the specialized modules to optimize your milling and breeding operations:

Bestmix : The solution for your recipes, labels and quality assurance

With Bestmix, you will formulate your recipes (food and supplements) at lower prices, in a user-friendly and efficient way. With 100% customizable templates, the labels will feature your nutritional values and important information according to your regulations and standards.

We know the quality assurance of your production is important for you! With the help of defined rules, the inputs needed for production as well as the outputs delivered to your customers will be analyzed and compared in order to maintain your quality standards.


Recipes and Labels

  • Raw material management
  • Contribution of the ingredients in the nutritional values
  • Cost-effective formulation
  • Automatic processing of parent/child recipes
  • History of recipes, nutritional values and prices
  • Creation, history and printing of bulk and bag labels
  • Manage according to veterinary prescriptions and other constraints
  • Comparison of previous revenue prices

Quality Assurance

  • Integrated laboratory information
  • Definition of items and parameters
  • Sampling of humidity, dust, density, etc.
  • Connectivity with analysis instruments (NIR, analytical balances, etc.) and external laboratories
  • Reports and trend graphs on measured elements
  • Update of values in the formulation system

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Do you want to automate your manufacturing process?

Are you tired of manufacturing without all the information/data at your disposal? The information you need to manage your operations will make a huge difference. Can you imagine making the best decision based on your criteria and agreements?

No matter the type and size of your facility, your production plants will be managed individually yet linked together:

  • Feed mill
  • Flour mill
  • Premix plant
  • Grain and transshipment center
  • Fertilizer center
  • Wood pellet
  • Manufacturer of food or products for small animals

Not only do we ensure the management of your production, but also, our software will efficiently manage all of your processes: raw material management, order placement, veterinary prescription, inventory management, traceability of events and ingredients, contamination and cleaning management, delivery management, etc. By choosing our solutions, you will get a supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) integrated with a complete manufacturing execution system (MES).

Process control

Process control

  • Complete process automation: from the reception of raw materials to the shipping of finished products
    • Receiving, grinding, batching, hand adds, pelleting, post-pelleting liquid application, bagging, load-out
  • Production optimization according to incompatibility rules (contamination) or compatibility rules (pelleting fines)
  • Raw material substitution according to species
  • Bulk, unit and warehouse inventory management
  • Complete traceability (forward/backward) of raw materials and finished products
  • Keep-full: automatic bin filling according to established priorities or unforeseen events
  • Fast-rebatch: optimized management of scales for consecutive batches
  • Validation of the dosing and/or incorporation of hand adds supervised by a predetermined list or barcode/rfid scanner
  • Completely automated bulk load-out, or assisted by truck driver
  • Individual equipment mode management (automatic, maintenance, stop), with traceability and history
  • Performance analysis tool (Gantt chart, trends, graphs)
  • Key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Production data export in PDF or Excel format

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Optimizing your hog and poultry farming processes starts with Porphyrio!

Predictive breeding at its best! Data acquisition is quick and easy with or without a connection to your farm controller. To analyze and compare your farming, the Porphyrio software uses advanced technologies: big data, biostatistics, and self-learning algorithms. The predictive elements, linked to the algorithms, allow you to be proactive rather than reactive.


  • Early warning and livestock management system
  • Integrated health management system
  • Supervision of quality assurance for work planning
  • Integrated process analysis
  • Inventory forecasting and feeding management
  • Production planning
  • Prediction of production and management of egg mass
  • Optimization of planning and prediction of slaughter weight
  • Customized reports

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DP Techlink for your deliveries !

Agistics, delivery software designed for the agricultural reality!

Are you stressed by the uncertainty of a delay or a delivery time? Are you concerned about biosecurity? If so, Matissoft’s real-time delivery solution will reassure you. From collected data, get a complete, real-time view of movements and related tasks. Your timetable will always be on schedule! Now is the time to replace ambiguity with certainty for each livestock transport or feed delivery, knowing that biosecurity measures are in place!



  • Web or mobile interface;
  • Real-time map with cellphone and GPS technology;


Livestock transport

  • Schedule programming;
  • Cleaning validation;
  • Order traceability, from pick-up to delivery;
  • Risk area management: biosecurity, construction, bottlenecks, etc.
  • Real-time readjustment of livestock transport routes.


Feed delivery

  • Loading validation and review;
  • Logbook of delivery operations;
  • Milestone notifications: stops made, routes taken, unloading time, surplus feed report;
  • Confirmation of delivery in the correct silo (truck compartment vs. farm silo);
  • Risk area management: biosecurity, construction, bottlenecks, etc.
  • Real-time adjustment of feed delivery routes.


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