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At Matiss, you can truly fulfill yourself. Your creativity, your drive, and your talent will be recognized and valued because they are at the very heart of the success of our customers’ automation projects. We also promote teamwork, which allows our company to stand out—our strength comes from our big family. Together we take on the most exciting challenges on a daily basis in an inspiring and friendly atmosphere.

At Matiss your well-being is our priority!

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Your well-being comes first

Because we are human beings before everything else, we annually reassess your working conditions. We also offer a group insurance plan from day 1, in addition to an employee assistance program. This is how the Matiss family cares for the safety of yours! Our open-plan, collaborative workspaces are designed to help you maintain good psychological health, which we deeply care about. However, for those times when you need some tranquility and confidentiality, we have web conference rooms with a technical service at your disposal. In addition, to balance your professional and personal life, we offer multiple scheduling options and Friday afternoons off!

This is how we wish to inspire you: with the perfect balance between tranquility and cooperation.

Keep up the shape and the spirit

As a member of the Matiss family, you will thrive in a friendly and relaxing environment where your health is important. We have a pool table and a terrace set up just for you, and on Fridays, it’s hockey time! In addition, you can attend the games of your colleagues playing for sponsored sports teams. Our social club also organizes friendly activities throughout the year, such as BBQs and happy hours! You will even benefit from an annual contribution if you subscribe to any organized sports activities (gym, karate, marathon, etc.).

At Matiss, we have everything in place to make your days more interesting and offer you an exciting working experience!

At Matiss, we value your skills, but more importantly your attitude!

Matiss values your abilities. You will receive competitive compensation based on your contribution to the organization. To enhance your natural talent and keep your skills up-to-date, you will benefit from ongoing mentoring from experienced and passionate employees. We are giving you the means to grow so that one day, you will receive the recognition banner for your years of service at Matiss! It is a beautiful environment where your know-how and interpersonal skills are deeply valued. We give priority to what your personality brings to our teams.

Are you interested in outdoing yourself?

Matissians’ passion for new technologies and challenges is welcomed with open arms by our organization. In fact, plenty of complementary, varied, and specialized jobs are available to you. Because they work as a family, Matissians ensure the coherence and success of projects, in which each person makes a difference. Together, we work on systems that make our clients more competitive!