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Saint-Georges, Québec, May 13 2024 – Matiss is renowned for its innovative spirit and its determination to always reach new heights. In line with this, a new business location has been established overseas, alongside the expansion of one of its offices in the province of Quebec.

These works are part of the company’s expansion plans to meet the evergrowing demand for innovative solutions in automation. One more strategic step added to the expansion works kicked off in 2022 to double the production of its facilities in St-Georges de Beauce.

Growing along with your business

Matiss opened its second place of business in the province of Québec with the inauguration of its Ste-Julie facilities in 2011. This location was chosen for strategic purposes as a great number of its clients were in the vicinity of the new place of business, thus offering a conveniently located point of service.

Building on the bustling business at these new offices, it was obvious that expansion plans were necessary, and Matiss put their plans in motion for a bigger space. This promising project more than doubles the space of this location, that is, from 3000 ft2 to over 6000 ft2.

The Ste-Julie office has close to 20 employees at this time, a team mostly comprised of C#, Java and PLC programmers. This improved space will undoubtedly welcome other specialized resources that will be added to this team. An investment in the area of several hundreds of thousands of dollars, this larger business location offers not only more office space but also a vast lounge area called “Mat’s Club” for employees, the perfect spot to relax and recharge.

“We wanted the team spirit present at the St-Georges offices to be carried onto the St-Julie location. Our intention is that our employees be comfortable and inspired by this space, to exchange and have some fun.”, according to Virginie Martel, partner and head of Human Resources for Matiss.

New offices in Tunisia

As the labor shortage is showing no signs of falling back, solutions were needed to fill more specialized positions. It turns out Tunisia, more specifically the city of Tunis, was quite an interesting location to fulfill Matiss’ needs in many ways. Access to qualified workers who speak the same languages as us, that being French, was required. Furthermore, along with Java programmers, other types of technical profiles will eventually be added to the Tunis team in the future. In finding a space of about 1250 ft2, the company had chosen the perfect location to open its new offices.

Tunis business office

A well-grounded cohesiveness

Obviously, one may wonder how Matiss plans to ensure the cohesiveness of all its activities following the opening of the new Tunis office. It is necessary to factor in the globalization of markets and technological strides to understand that distance and overseas offices are far less of a challenge than they were in the past. Today’s technological means and tools allow the operation of offices all around the world while ensuring constant interaction and communication between these. “The technologies brought by Office365, including Teams, and other means really facilitate and simplify our work! Everyone can collaborate from wherever they are in the world!”, adds Virginie Martel.

From left to right: members of ATCT (Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation), Virginie Martel, and Bobby St-Pierre, co-owners.

About Matiss

Founded in 1995, Matiss is a privately held Canadian company with some 100 employees between its head office in Saint-Georges de Beauce, Québec, and its place of business in Sainte-Julie, Québec. Matiss’ mission is to offer industrial automation solutions to make its customers more competitive in the manufacturing of their products. The Matissoft division develops and integrates ERP-type production management and process control software for the agricultural sector, notably for millers and breeders. The MatissEquipment division offers automation, robotics and custom equipment solutions. For further details, please visit